I did intend to do lots of blogging on moving to Japan and many cool things but I’ve been so incredibly LAZY! So helpful and useful blogs about GAPYEARing will have to be delayed…

I might be the heat, its quite hot here, brain just doesnt work ats well as it should! (like a troll!)


Right! when planning your gap year don’t do as did and you will be less stressed!

  • Quit your job at least 2 to 3 weeks before your date of departure! (not 7 days before like me!)
  • start packing a week/2 weeks before hand! so you have the opportunity to take items out as well as add more and make sure it all fits in your case! (I packed the night before! mega stress! I think I have forgotten things! and left out stuff I thought i wouldnt need but indeed do!)
  • Book a flight at the end of the week and afternoon is even better, so you can get last minute items in and perhaps a desent nights sleep! (my flight was 9ish O’clock in the morning on a tuesday, which only leaves monday for last minute shopping)
  • Leave the day before free for saying goodbye to people, they’re going to miss you make time for them. ( I did say good bye to people, but also had to pick up travel money, and get other stuff as well pack my bags. More stress!)
  • Order travel money at least a week in advance, some places have to order it in leaving it last minute only limits you. ( Example I order my yens on the thursday to pick up on the monday, big mistake! On the thursday “oh yes we can give you 154 yens to the pound” and then return on the monday ” Oh dear the exchange rate has dropped we can only give you 149 yen to the pound” [haha hard look! we know you cant get any yen from any where else at a better rate!] so order yen from several places so you can get the best for the day)

But I’m here now, and relaxed but I was very stressed the night before and the morning going, so plan better and save yourself some stress its not healthy!

Hello, this is going to be my blog on my gap year in Japan. Which might not be if I don’t actually remember to write anything here, I’m very lazy when it comes to these things. I’m setting off at the beginning of July 2009 for a whole year! I think I must be mental sometimes! Just packing off to Japan with a working holiday visa and with nothing definitively planned, a rough idea of what I’m going to do and a hope that I can find a bit of work to tide me over (its expensive there you know!). I’m really excited and really nervous! 😀